Women Dowry The Mysterious "eight Sets Of" Pops Original Ancient So Open


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Women Dowry The Mysterious "eight Sets Of" Pops Original Ancient So Open
Marriage customs is always a never-ending topic, each place has a different marriage rules, however, once a woman married, the former feudal society is not popular as information now, the development of social information, a variety of information Nurturing, so that people get married after the bridal chamber of those things are old drivers. So for the flattery of these things in the feudal society that era, there is no division of the spontaneous exploration of the stage, then there is today's wedding topic, in the ancient marriage bridal chamber life, before marriage, whether this education or Learning?

As early as the Spring and Autumn Warring States period, people on the flap boudoir thing is not regarded as privacy, can be open to talk, even when the court to discuss national affairs also talk about. To the Han Dynasty, populaceous things will be regarded as men and women of private affairs, not openly talked about, but also not as a scandal.
In the Tang Dynasty, flap custom is more open. But only to the Song Dynasty after the prevalence of Neo-Confucianism, the Chinese society was the implementation of its eight hundred years of pops and claws closed, but also banned can not help but on the surface of the ban and actually could not help.

 In fact, when the ancient woman married with the married dowry, there are some mother-in-law for the girl to prepare the bridal chamber candle night ready to sneaky supplies, this is because the woman is generally married age is very small and long-term closed-door, especially And the outside world to communicate and communicate so few husband and wife, so these snapped supplies are to facilitate the flap at the same time to please the next new girl, after all, married from the husband, the husband is the woman's day, the husband to please the next half May be fine.
Here to introduce the ancient woman dowry of the mysterious "eight sets of" rags:

1. pressure box at the end: "pressure box at the end" is actually a porcelain, shape more fruit-like, covered, built a pair of men and women who submitted flashes.

Press the bottom of the box is usually placed at the bottom of the evil spirits, and to the daughter before marriage, the mother will be "pressure box at the end of" objects as dowry items, cover to show women, so that women learn between husband and wife bed flap.
2. Love pants: the so-called love fun underwear is actually an open crotch pants, but it is not for the incontinence of ad hoc people, but the ancient bride's bridal chamber special supplies. The same time as the above-

As most of the ancient parents that marriage, the bride and groom in the bridal chamber are generally not seen before each other, so the first time to meet when you want to strip the clothes is really embarrassing. The woman's parents to open the crotch pants as a dowry, so that her daughter in the first time when the pop, can reduce the psychological barriers, but also allows the man in the first time, not because the woman stripped clothes feel too excited and premature ejaculation, or because Shy and difficult to play normally.
3. possession of the new snapping shoes: the ancient woman married, accompanied by marry goods which will always have a few pairs of mothers personally sewing new shoes, the shoes seem to be common common, in fact, soles hidden mystery. The same time as the above-

The original soles are painted flutter map, the purpose is to avoid the bridal chamber of the two stars because of no experience and embarrassment, especially to draw a clear flap pose diagram used to guide how to flap. Pop knowledge too little can only be so vaguely taught, the ancients are also tricks!
4. mysterious box: In fact, this ancient woman's dressing box, inside the jewelry are her dowry, dowry less, the woman went to her husband no place. The same time as the above-

Mysterious mystery mystery mystery mysterious period of the woman has started lead powder surface, Dai black thrush to change their own for Yan. Do not dress up the flirtatious point, how to attract the husband's continued love!
5. Small foot shoes: shoes generally golden yellow or red, painted with peony, peony, plum blossom and other different flowers. The same time as the above-

Shoes have Zhuan body Zhu Hong, the font dignified beauty. Even more surp

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